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Published On 20 April, 2012 | By Guest Blogger | Articles, Politics, Young People

Is Brian Paddick for real?

So we have Brian Paddick an ex-copper, Liberal Democrats. He was also joined today by Caroline Padgett (Leader of the Assembly) , Simon Hughes (Deputy Leader), Nick Clegg (Deputy PM) and Councillor Duwayne Brooks. The leadership came out in force unlike any other party. Would David Cameron do the same for Boris Johnson? Doubt it.

Three years ago we would have been lapping this up but since the Lib Dems burned all their young people who put them into power, they have been trying to recover ever since. The problem is now however good they sound people will always remember them as Shameless’ Frank Gallagher would say “Liberals noshing Tories, have we had a national stroke”. Sleeping with the enemy is unforgivable but it is also better to not have the enemy in power in the first place.

The day started of nicely with Brian openly declaring that politicians do not listen to young people, which is the reason why young people do not vote. If young people started voting like the other demographics then they would have to listen, but people like Boris will only humour the people who put him in power.

So here is a summery of key points that Brian wants you to know.

There is a plan to change the name Youth Club to Youth Hub, now apparently it is not cool to be at a youth club so he wants young people to come up with a new trendy name. This youth club/hub would cater for teenagers interested in many things which it would try and accommodate and young people would shape the activities that go on there. It will be funded from a service charge like you would get at a restaurant but would charge the rich people and tourists at 4 and 5 star hotel’s raising £10 million pounds in the 1st year. Sounds like a good plan, it’s about time the rich start paying their way!

He wants to build 360,000 council homes in London over 10 years. So that’s 36,000 new homes a year. He believes doing this will not interfere with green spaces and will revitalise construction in London. There are currently 350,000 families waiting to be housed in proper accommodation (disgusting in my opinion), and his scheme will cater for them and more.

Brian believes he can stop the intimidation and corruption in the police. He is the only candidate to admit stop and search is racist as black people are seven time more likely to be searched than anyone else. Only one in ten of stop and searches actually leads to an arrest and when it does 40% of the time the person gets arrested for public disorder because they are so upset at getting searched all the time.

Brian says new training methods need to be taught to the police and making sure targeting criminals rather than races will lead to better relations with the police and he will lead the surge of ousting the racism that is lodged so deep in the police.

Brian will make sure transport is cheaper one inventive way of doing this is allowing people to change buses and routes to get to their destination, instead of charging them for every bus. Don’t know what this was not thought of before. He will also make sure young people get a fairer deal in transport by giving them discounts at peak times and up to 40% off on normal travel.

So all in all, Brian is a strong candidate, I like his policies. But the last elections still burns deep in young peoples minds. So it is up to you. Check out his manifesto on his website. What ever you do though, vote for someone as long as it ain’t Boris, peace.

Words by: Kay-Jay Simmons
Edited by: Ja’e

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