What’s ‘next’?

Published On 21 September, 2012 | By Amariah Watson | Articles, Young People
With the appalling figures of youth unemployment sky rocketing, what do we do ‘next’ as young people?

As we all know, the unemployment rate for 16 – 24 year olds’ have reached galaxy high. The figures and statistics are appalling, what do you do next?

Constant doors shutting in your face. Not literally -of course, but the constant rejection in the careers and academic industry seems to repeat itself, regardless. Even if you are a hard worker and dedicated, employers still don’t take you seriously. Must we wear our qualities as a painting on our foreheads? I think not.

It seems to me that those who are single-minded and have a definite decision on their big career as an adult, face barriers the size of Mount Everest. “Never give up” they say, but how much can one take, when even their own country doesn’t believe in them?

Thousands of members who are apart of the upcoming generation, are technically living on a prayer. The government can lie to you but I won’t! Your social class, living location and parents upbringing/wealth can either give you an advantage or not (yes, the narrow-minded think this way).

The positive note I can leave you all on, is that, you are your own teacher, master and professor. If you strongly believe in something you’d love to achieve then but your construction boots and get creating! Even if it leaves you standing alone.


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Amariah Watson, 18 years young. I am a poet, proud aunt, motivational adviser. I seek for positive change for myself and others in development & persona. I enjoy nature, people and many other activities.

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