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E2E.TV showcases talent and creativity. Giving you a wide range of fresh video footage, to not only entertain but engage our audience.

Our channel is a visual platform that echoes the interests of young people in the UK and presents some of issues they encounter.

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Short Film: Ringing

The Mr. Montgomery Show (Ep. 2)

The Mr. Montgomery Show (Ep. 1)

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Adz & Shallow Interview

Krept & Konan @ IAB Show

MandemOnTheWall Interview

Ja’e Interviews Dean Atta

‘RINGING’ is a 20 minute documentary written, filmed and produced by the young people Endz2Endz and Positive View has been supporting on the Somerleyton Estate, Brixton for the past year.

Positive View Ambassadors Mark Gostick and Dennis Gyamfi founder of Endz2Endz directed and produced the film.

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RINGING (2016)

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The Mr. Montgomery Show

You can follow Andre on Twitter: @Mr_Montgomery96



The Mr.Montgomery Show: Episode 1 – Big Tipper Interview

The Mr.Montgomery Show: Episode 2 – STP Interview

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Some of our interviews over the years.

Featuring some of the UK’s most talented and inspiring including; actors, entrepreneurs, poets and musicians.

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Interview w/ the ‘Investigation Series’ artists

Mindtrick (Got To Dance) Interview

MOTW Interview

Jamal Edwards Interview

Emmanuel A. Interview

Adz & Shallow Interview

Dean Atta Interview

Kal Lavelle Interview

Castro Dfam Interview

MVelite Interview

Richard Riakporh Interview

DJ Pioneer Interview

Intensi-T Interview

Shystie Interview

Bluey Robinson Interview

Gappy Ranks Interview

It’s A Blast Show Interviews

A Dot Interview

Dionne Reid Interview

Dirty Danger Interview

Motive Bros Interview

Jamie Howard Interview

IAB Interviews (Extended)

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Young Creatives is our brand new series of short interviews with young artists, musicians, dancers, and other creative industries.

The interviews give an insight into how these young professionals believed in their artistic talent and followed their dreams to inspire others around them.

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Young Creatives: Ty Music

E2E.TV - Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday was our set fashion feature, that came out every last Friday of the month and it was also featured in our digital magazine.

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EPISODE 4: Sloane Sqaure & Kings’s Road

For the fourth installment of ‘Fashion Friday’ the E2E team hits up Kensington & Chelsea’s Sloane Square and Kings Road and to check out some of the latest trends!

EPISODE 1: Carnaby Street

EPISODE 2: Spitalfields Alt. Fashion Week

EPISODE 3: Camden

E2E.TV - STR8 32

STR8 32 was our short-lived freestyle show. That brought to you five fresh and fast-paced freestyles from artists around London.

Watch them spit their 32 bars below.

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EPISODE 1: Lexi Lex


EPISODE 3: Young Rich Kid (Y.R.K)

EPISODE 4: J Fullstop

EPISODE 5: Dough Boy

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