A day out in Brixton with Stizzy Stickz

Published On 2 March, 2014 | By Mr Montgomery | E2E, Interviews
E2E’s Andre Johnson interviews upcoming artist, Stizzy Stickz.

Endz2Endz Andre Johnson meets Stizzy Stickz

Endz2Endz today interviewed an up and coming artist known as Stizzy Stickz. We went into the world of the rapper originating from Brixton Angell Town estate. The artist said that his interest to rap “started 3 years ago, as the people around me influenced me” The likes of Sneakbo, played a big influence in his pre-mature career.

The artist added that “I was taken to shows, performed on stage, I was feeling the lifestyle, free drinks, V.I.P everything!!” As Brixton has many up and coming rappers, Stickz feels motivated to rap through the progress of everyone in the area and the love for Brixton.

We asked him how it was growing up in Brixton as it has a bad reputation and Stickz replied “well, when I was first growing up, I didn’t really know what was going on around me, until I got older, my eyes opened to what was going on.”

Stickz has a few mixtapes out such as Rocblock and Really Inda Fields. Currently he is working on a new mixtape out March 24th called Shark Ina Tank.

He said he see’s his music in 5 years looking really promising as people in higher positions has many opportunities set up for him. So we will look out for Stizzy Stickz.

You can follow Stickz on Twitter @Stizzystickz.

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