Fashion Friday: Swag 2011 vs Swag 2012

Published On 27 January, 2012 | By Guest Blogger | Articles, Fashion
Swag of 2011 versus the swag of 2012.

‘Swag’. I remember not too long ago when this word was the type of word you wouldn’t want to have any association with, the type of word that your friends would say to you to make you feel inferior or to trivialise you.

However, nowadays swag is something that everyone wants a piece of! The majority of young urban adults want to be known as the girl or boy with the amazing swag!

And yes, whilst our slang words often takes a 360 spin on certain concepts and meanings so does our fashion sense. But as we enter into an exciting and prosperous new year what fashion trends will we be keeping for 2012?

Now I know that 2011 was a whirlwind experience as far as fashion goes and honestly it did become quite hard to keep up! An example of this which us ladies know too well is the colour red. I’m not talking about red shoes or red lipstick. I’m talking about the brightest colour red on our heads.

Yes thanks to the likes of Rhianna dying our head red was one of the biggest fashion trend of 2011. And some fellas must admit dying our heads bright blonde or brown to follow Chris Breezy was a little crazy too(for those who attempted it.) So 2011 was a year of big things and honestly I must say some things never die in urban fashion but will you be still wearing certain fashion trends in 2012.

One example that has been around for a long time is Low bats. Guys this style has been around for longer than some of you lot can remember, I’m talking decades! And did you know that it originated from jail. I tell no lie. Will this style die in 2012.

And ladies, for us it has to be leggings. My personal favourite! This has been around for decades also, and we did rock leggings throughout 2011, with different colours, patterns and textures. But will we have the courage to swap them with more trousers in 2012 ?

If you answered no to one of the questions or even to both, then you should be happy to know that there are others that think exactly like you and want to keep wearing these trends. Trust me 2012 will have a lot to offer.

Written by: Shivion Watson
Edited by: Ja’e Ladnar

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