Nas to launch HSTRY clothing line in August

Published On 13 July, 2013 | By Ja'e | Fashion, mens
Nas collaborates with Jace Lipstein on Illmatic streetwear collection.

Nas - HSTRY x Grungy Gentleman Streetwear Fall 2013

Hip-Hop meets fashion is nothing new. Right now we sure couldn’t get enough of it, with almost every current male rapper collaborating with designers or promoting their gear. It’s almost sickening! This time round its rap legend, Nas, arguably the best rapper of all time.

Stepping out of his comforts zone Nas has teamed up with Jace Lipstein, the founder of men’s street style blog Grungy Gentleman. The 33-piece collection neatly called HSTRY, and is an ensemble of leather trimmed items including shirts, bags, baseball caps and outerwear. The collection also includes flannel shirts, and neoprene peacoats.

Speaking on his fashion endeavour Nas said:

Clothes represent happiness. They’re our protection — even a reflection of what’s in our heads, our thoughts and ideas. Hence the phrase, ‘wearing our hearts on our sleeves.’ With HSTRY, I’m embracing our greatest moments recorded in time in the form of premium street fashion.

Speaking on the Nas’ decision making Jace said:

He knew what he wanted — he wanted bomber jackets and he pushed for the flannel. He’s a very intelligent guy and he’s willing to learn — he’s not a know-it-all.

The look of the clothing line is contemporary, cool and totally Illmatic; and each item will definitely be on the wish lists of lads through the land! The collection will be available on the Grungy Gentleman style blog from August 1.

Check out some of the items in the photo gallery above.

Photos by Camilo Rios/Courtesy of Grungy Gentleman.

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