Say goodbye to the top 5 fashion faux pas’ of 2012

Published On 26 December, 2012 | By Marium Ul-Haq | Fashion, womens
E2E fashion feature writer Marium wraps up 2012 with its top 5 fashion no-no’s.

Say goodbye to the top 5 fashion faux pas’ of 2012
2012 has been a good year for fashion but as usual there have been a few fashion fatalities that we just have to wave goodbye to for the new year. We have picked out the top 5 faux pas from this year, and have our own suggestions to improve your wardrobe for 2013.

Jeffrey Campbell No Wedge Heels

1) No wedge heels
As I understand, Jeffrey Campbell and the infamous Lady GaGa introduced to us the ‘no wedge heel’ this year. Possibly the worst shoe of the century, this is a shoe that should no doubt be left behind. Not being able to walk, no matter which shoe you’re wearing (it’s often the stiletto) is not a good look so why add to the drama by walking around in heels, that have no heel?

You just look like a stumbling mess. I suggest you stick to actual wedges…


Not entirely sure why it took Drake writing a song about it for the whole world to understand that “you only live once”, (it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out) but WE GET IT. YOLO. While it is a good motto to live your life by, you don’t have to be parading about town with the slogan slashed all across your clothing.

The 80’s brought about the slogan tee for you to look ‘hip’, which is certainly not you if you’re still wearing YOLO garments in 2013.
3) Dip-hem
Dip HemI will admit, this isn’t entirely the worst trend ever. In fact, I am quite a fan – it’s a gorgeous silhouette that can actually be worked to flatter any figure. However, it has also been over worn. I don’t think a single week has gone by this year where I haven’t seen it at least once. Worn with heels to clubs, or with your battered converse and tights out on a day shopping trip, girls all over have been adapting the dip-hem style to suit themselves.

Therefore, while it is a pretty look, I’d say that we need to cut down on the mullet style for 2013, and perhaps opt for either mini, midi, or maxi. Not a mixture.


4) Onesies
Onesies (One Direction)This is a fad that every one has been crazing over, and while I will allow you to lounge about the house in one, the onesie is NOT for a casual trip out. I have seen one too many wearing this rendition of a baby grow out in public and it seriously is not a good look, no matter how ‘comfy’ it is.

Stick to jeans and a top and remember to dress everyday as though you’re meeting Zac Efron for lunch.


Kim Kardashian5) Kim Kardashian
While I understand that Kimmy K isn’t exactly a fashion trend, it is definitely fair to say that her whole wardrobe this year has been a fashion faux pas. It seems as though the beloved (though I’m not entirely sure why) Kardashian sister has forgotten how to dress for her figure, and with Kanye West as her ‘stylist’, I’m not surprised!

That man should stick to the recording studio, and Kim should remember she has curves that don’t resemble Beyonce’s, so she should stop trying to dress like her.

Either always looking too frumpy, or wearing something too tight, Kim should also remember that peplum doesn’t suit her! I could perhaps go on for a long while about all of Kim’s wardrobe malfunctions, but I’ll instead leave you with this photo!

For 2013, my advice is to remember to dress for your figure. That is when you’ll look sexiest and more confident, rather than squeezing into something that you can’t even breathe in.

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