Trainers Every Roadman Should Have

Published On 5 May, 2016 | By Mr Montgomery | Fashion, mens
The footwear starter pack for every London ‘Roadman’!

Roadmen are typical Guys from London to exhibit the urban culture. South, North, East & West London. Roadmen are every where. You can even find them on the moon. They are at the frontline of The home of brave. Every local chicken shop, every event will have a roadman. But for you to be a top roadman you gotta make sure youre trainers are. So heres my list for trainers that every road man should have.

Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1
This has to come to your mind when talking about trainers. These bad boys were released in 1982 and have not died since. Its safe to say that every 1 in 5 roadmen have a pair of these. You can wear these anywhere, its standard uniform for a roadman. Its the universal roadman footwear. This can be a great alternative to non-slip shoes. Actually, ShoeAdviser did a review on this model a while back – you can check it out if you need some good insight about this specific shoe.

Adidas Superstars 
Not as popular as the Air force ones but, These come in every colour you can possibly think of. But every roadman has these in black. These originally known for being basketball trainers have been on the road since 1969. I’m sure 1969 roadmen had a pair. You will see a roadman wearing this with a adidas tracksuit or white tee if its summer.

Air flight jordan 45

Not really around as much nowadays but the Nike Air flight jordan 45 are like slippers for a roadman, if you see them they’re not fresh but they’ve been beaten up a number of times and its something a roadman would just fling on after getting that phone call “yoo fam there’s beef”

Air max 90

I’ll call these the shoes for “Grinding” the Nike Air Max 90 are as popular as the Air Forces, Nike released this in 1987. You’ll see these on the feet of majority of roadmen, most of the time they’re about to do a big move.


Air Max 95

According to an article from Essay Kitchen, a study into forensic science database of footwear showed that the 95’s was criminals number one choice in footwear. These bad boys are for the classy roadmen. When you see these on a roadman’s foot, they’re always fresh, I think I’ve seen a roadman wear these with a suit, to church!

Did I miss out any trainers? Let me know on Twitter @mr_montgomery96. Make sure you’re equipped with the roadman gear!

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