Django Unchained Soundtrack

Published On 19 December, 2012 | By Ja'e | Movies, soundtrack
Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ official soundtrack list has been unveiled.

Django Unchained Soundtrack

Gearing up for its epic release, the equally epic soundtrack Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Django Unchained has been officially released. Not only have we been given the full list of artists on the 23 track collection, it has been made available for free streaming on SoundCloud!

Not only does the film have a brilliant cast including Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington; it has a brilliant soundtrack to accompany it.

Over the past few weeks, quite a few hip-hop songs leaked from the soundtrack which include a 2Pac and James Brown mashup and even something from Rick Ross. Tarantino is not one to restrict himself and borrows music from a variety of genres, including a R&B/Soul touches from John Legend and Anthony Hamilton!

As it the blockbuster is a Western, there is a good helping from Spaghetti Western composers; Ennio Morricone, Riz Ortolani and including original Django composer Luis Bacalov. The 23 song collection is enough reason to go and see the film!

Django Unchained will be out in UK cinemas January 18th and Christmas Day in the US. Stream the soundtrack below.

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