Family Films to Watch This Month

Published On 14 February, 2014 | By Guest Blogger | blockbuster, Film & TV, Movies
Guest blogger Francesca Peters lists some family films to watch this month.

Family Films to Watch This Month - The LEGO Movie & The Tale of Despereaux

Valentine’s Day is here and it’s a huge release date for romantic comedies and dramas. But it’s also the start of the half-term break—and it’s cold outside—so this is a great time to go out and see a film as a family or rent one and stay home and watch it on the couch with some cocoa and blankets.

If you’re in the mood to rent a film that is sure to please the whole family, The Tale of Despereaux is one that Picture Box Films calls, “tremendous fun, with a host of star voices bringing it to life, including one of our favourites: Dustin Hoffman.” Based on the Newbery Medal-winning fantasy book by Kate DiCamillo, the film is about a mouse named Despereaux Tilling who sets out to save a beautiful human princess. It’s exciting, funny, tender, and out on DVD now.

The LEGO Movie Poster (2014)If you’re looking for a family activity this Valentine’s Day, The LEGO Movie will be out in theatres today (February 14). Celebrate half-term break and this special day all in one! Whether you grew up with LEGO toys (the company was founded in 1934, so its success has spanned generations) or whether you’re the parent of a child who has just recently discovered LEGO, the film is be a blast.

According to Fox News Entertainment, the film, which has already been released in the United States, “assembl[ed] an exceptional $69.1 million debut at the weekend box office.” Apparently, the results were better than expected for Warner Bros., and The LEGO Movie is now the biggest animation hit for the studio.

The movie follows Emmet (played by Chris Pratt of Parks and Recreation), who is relatively normal. He follows all the laws, rules, social codes and speed limits, a light dig at the company’s own in-depth, mostly visual instructional pamphlets that come with each toy set.

One night, as he’s headed out to a date with Wyldstyle (played by Elizabeth Banks), he finds a strange object with a prophesy attached to it. The prophesy tells that whomever finds the object will become The Special, or the smartest and most interesting person in the world who has the ability to save everyone from the evil President Business (Will Ferrell). To do so, though, Emmet will have to stop following all the rules and march to the beat of his own drum.

While the plot-line is old hat (normal guy finds out he’s special, saves the world, and falls in love), the film itself feels remarkably fresh. The beloved toys come to life is a pleasure to see, along the lines of Toy Story, and the LEGO company took a few subtle digs at itself. For instance, at one point, the LEGO mini-figures struggle to determine how to hold hands. The film is certainly an ode to the toys that are beloved by millions, but it never feels forced or heavy-handed.

Whether you decide to head out to the cinema this Valentine’s Day, or stay at home and watch a film together as a family, be sure to take some time to celebrate the weekend and, for some lucky ones, the break from school ahead!

Guest post by Francesca Peters

Francesca is a stay-at-home mom and daily blogger. She loves sharing her tips and tricks for motherhood, when she isn’t chasing after her two little ones.

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