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Published On 18 February, 2013 | By Lolia | films, Movies, Reviews, short film
E2E Arts & Culture feature writer Lolia reviews UK film, Chance.

Chance (2012) - Net Movie - Misjif Television

Chance, is a fast paced internet movie about two young black men who are best friends and find themselves in a life changing position that originates from pride, self-image and explores the power of influence. It was released last year on Christmas day on December 25th 2012 on YouTube.

Written by Dwayne Knight and Leon Douglas, the MisjifTV, produced the ‘net’ movie has and has gained over 8,000 views. It has received many good reviews/comments and is doing well thus far for an independent 65 minute movie.

Dwayne is not only responsible for directing and writing and editing the movie, but he is also the founder of MisjifTV. He started the successful media company as a hobby which then eventually flourished. MisjifTV specializes in music videos and films affiliated with the street culture and Grime. There a wealth of interviews with artists found in the UK.

The movie, Chance is based in a council estate in London, introducing the main character called Jason (Gabriel Blacksmith) and eventually his best friend Danny (Justin Bailey). Jason seems to be influenced by his best friend, Danny and their friendship eventually seems to lead to an unfortunate sequence of events.

The dialogue which is a huge part of the movie was convincing and natural however there is a strong use of profanity. So it should not be recommended for those under 15.  In contrast, this movie can easily be criticized for glorifying Youth Crime and drug world but it can be viewed from an alternative perspective.

It may be hard when viewing content that points towards violence but there were various examples in the movie that pointed to the consequences of being involved in such a lifestyle. And the harsh fate that awaits those who foolishly get caught up in it. It is the responsibility of the viewer to watch the movie with a moral in mind.

In conclusion, the film successfully captured the iconic situations that you would identify with young people in the UK. The soundtrack plays a major role in the movie as the genre of the music which is Grime is a musical portrayal of the scenes depicted. It available for download for those who find themselves nodding throughout the entire movie.

Chance is an inspirational and moving movie that can be likened to other movies such as the Birmingham based movie titled, One Day, that presented the harsh realities of living in an estate council. If you are interested in such movies then Chance is a must see.

Without giving any spoilers, we encourage you to get comfortable and take time to watch the movie  easily viewed from the comfort of YouTube.

Watch Chance below, and enjoy.


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