Dennis Gyamfi presents Endz2Endz at Spotlight

Published On 23 January, 2014 | By Dennis | Founders Blog
Dennis Gyamfi presents Endz2Endz to young people at Spotlight!


On Saturday the 18th of January, I was invited along side Jason Page of Somewhereto_ – a service (based at Livity’s office in Brixton) that helps young people access space – to visit a huge space called Spotlight.

Young people at Spotlight (18.01.14)Spotlight is as a multi-million pound creative youth space designed to inspire. It has been shaped by young people, for young people. They have spaces for young people to run their own business meetings, events, workshops etc.

When Jason and I entered the building I couldn’t believe how new the building was, the facilities it had and the amount of young people who had turned up, it was amazing!




One slight problem I heard from the young people and staff members was the ease of access to the rooms, as you must have a key to open many of the doors and even to access the lift! Apart from this, which is understandable from a security point of view, everything else was awesome!

The rooms were so beautiful they had everything in them from computers to smart boards. The whole lot! Another great point was that food was provided. The Asian food was so nice I kept going back for more – though I did stop so not to seem greedy or to end falling asleep during my workshop!

Dennis Gyamfi - Endz2Endz - presenting at Spotlight (18.01.14)I entered the room and prepared myself for the young people’s arrival.  Jason  introduced me to the young people, his introduction was amazing I thought have I really done all of this, which is true because everything he said I had a certificate for.

My presentation was with two groups of young people the first was at 1:30 and the second an hour later. My presentation was about Endz2Endz’s journey from our humble beginnings to where  we are today, still humble and still building a very strong Company to help young people worldwide.

The Q&A session after my presentation was very interesting! I got asked some difficult questions by the young people such as; ‘how do you start a business?’  and ‘how much you earn?’ Their questions made the session productive and wasn’t only helpful to me to bring back information to the team, but it was most importantly helpful to them as the majority of them listening in on my session were interested in magazines and setting up their own business’.

Overall, it seemed the young people enjoyed the day as much I did. Some signed up to join Livity and even us at E2E. I really enjoyed speaking and inspiring and encouraging the young people to start their own business.

You can find out more about Somewhereto_ and Spotlight by checking them out of their social media platforms and websites.

• Somewhereto_: Website | Twitter | Facebook

• Spotlight: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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