Dennis’ Trip to Lithuania: Day 2

Published On 10 December, 2013 | By Dennis | Founders Blog
Day 2 of my trip to Lithuania’s Parliament…

Lithuania is 2 hours ahead of England so we struggled to get up as our bodies needed to adjust to the time and the weather. We got up at 9 to go and have breakfast and then headed straight back for bed! It was freezing – during the day it was -10°C and in the evening more snow and a temperature of -14°C greeted us!

Later on in the day we met with Julia and Egidijus and visited a Spotas – a youth club – where we sat and chatted to the young people there to find out more about the young people in Lithuania, what their interests are, what they do in their free time, and what they think the main issues facing young people are.

Young people in the youth centre

Young people in the youth centre

We left the Centre 3 hours later; the young people loved our visit and were very interested in exploring a youth exchange with 198 and visiting the UK to find out what young people in London get up to. They were very interested to hear that I run my own business, it was so surprising to them and they consistently asked Samuel and myself how did we do it? They thought that we are too young to have our own businesses!

This showed me that the young people in Lithuania have not been exposed or encouraged to start up their own businesses. It was a good day with the young people of Lithuania, I learnt a lot from them and they learnt a lot from us as well.

Look out for my last blog on the 12th December – when I get back to England. Check out yesterday’s blog here.

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