Published On 3 August, 2012 | By Amariah Watson | Inspiration
Where’s your self belief? Do you wear it on your collar or on your sleeve?

Many of you don’t believe in yourself, so your conscience hasn’t actually acknowledged that. You see, the thing with success, is that everything starts within you. Not the amount of “luck” you have but the amount of motivation, enthusiasm and ambition you carry. Even though physical science can prove to you the magnetic field is an equation of – positive attracts negative. Well in the real world that’s not the case because; please realise that whatever energy you submit off – you’ll without a doubt receive that in return.

So when its a rainy day, don’t allow that to put you off. Instead; stay at peace, calm and collective is the motive… My quote for this message is:

Be mindful of what you endure, because that shapes the key to your future outcome.

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Amariah Watson, 18 years young. I am a poet, proud aunt, motivational adviser. I seek for positive change for myself and others in development & persona. I enjoy nature, people and many other activities.

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