Big plans for Big Tipper

Published On 24 March, 2015 | By Mr Montgomery | comedy, Interviews
Young comedian has told Endz 2 Endz his plans for the future.

Andre Johnson’s Endz 2 Endz met up with Big Tipper, who is a young comedian,actor and musician all in one. However Big Tipper described himself as an “entertainer”.

IMG_3884Big tipper has many skits on instagram, Vine and also twitter. He told us where it all started. “Primary school! As I can remember, I have the comical face, people just found me funny even when i wasn’t trying to be. It was just a normal thing I was gifted with.”

He also told us what influenced the forming to his career “My mum, she has been in my videos and is mostly seen in my snapchat. She has a very big influence in my life, as we have been through A lot, my mum brought the positive responses out of me. Also, growing up in London, London is where everything happened and through the things that happened to me it formed my career.”

He has been working with the likes of Tboy, Axel and and other comedians. He has been compared with Adot comedian as his younger brother and there is a great resemblance in performance with the two.

Big Tipper also has released his new single ‘Aunty’, available on Youtube.

He finally added “In the future I want to get my mum out to Nigeria, I want to get my brothers in to football, very soon I will be in the cinema, I have big plans for the future.

You can find Big Tipper online: Twitter: @1Big_Tipper | Instagram: @Big_Tipper | Vine: @Big_Tipper

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