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Published On 28 April, 2015 | By Mr Montgomery | Articles, Music
Endz2Endz takes a depth look at the artist and his success so far as a singer and also his positive attitude and spending time in prison.

The singer from West London who made his debut single ‘Go in Go hard’ which reached 41 in the UK singles chart has gone on to make a difference with his voice. The Singer made a song called ‘wonderful’ and reached number 9 in the UK R&B chart. The Singer has co-written songs for the likes of pixie Lott, Jason Derulo and Roll deep.

Andre Johnson and Angel

Andre Johnson and Angel

Its not everyday you hear about a celebrity speaking about going to jail or their past experiences in negativity.  For Angel he was convicted wrongly back in 2008. He spent 8 Months awaiting a trial, then he was cleared of wrong identity.

Angel, now 27 is passionate about being a young mentor and especially to ex-offenders.

The west london born singer is involved in a charity called Key4Life which seeks to help ex-offenders and help them find jobs and fix their lives for the better. The charity aims to helps young people with emotional help and repair their self esteem.

Angel recently released an album in November 2014 called ‘possession with intent’ which is available to buy on itunes.

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