Guest Blogger: Miranda Gunn, the flute beatboxer

Published On 30 January, 2012 | By Guest Blogger | Music

I’m Miranda, 23, professional musician, flute teacher and flute beatboxer. I am the only female flute beatboxer in the UK.

I was encouraged to take up music by my grandfather after he gave me my first flute. I was lucky enough to have flute lessons whilst at school and college, and decided to study it at university. Whilst at university a friend showed me a video of Greg Patillo flute beatboxing. I gave it a go and loved it. I practiced making beats with the flute and eventually started playing it at gigs and open mic nights.

Last year I was in the final 10 of the Rhythm of London competition, performing at the Royal Festival Hall, and was also nominated for a Spirit of London award for committing to furthering music with my flute beatboxing.

I teach flute beatboxing to all my flute pupils and they think its way more fun than their normal practice!

My advice to people wanting to work as a professional musician would be to practice, network and persevere. Most of my work comes from talking to other musicians at gigs or through teaching colleagues who also perform. If you get the chance to take instrumental or singing lessons then go for it! It can really help your confidence and commitment just attending the lessons. It is hard work though and you don’t get paid holidays!

Being a professional musician is a great life to live, I have fun every day and no day is the same.

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