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If it hasn’t been said already, rapper Jaja Soze is a urban music legend. Though he may not be mainstream as the likes of Tinie Tempah and Tinchy Stryder he has most definitely influenced many with his life story and real music – the type many young people can actually connect with.

His spoken word, movie plan and his last album entitled The Last Message, sparked rumours that the rapper has ‘retired’ from music, but he cleared it all up with a chuckle. “When people say I’ve ‘retired’ from music it sounds a bit dramatic! I’ve kind of come to a stage in my life where I’m moving forward onto something else. Now and again I’ll be dropping acapellas but I won’t be concentrating on music as a whole. I’ve been working on like artist management, more books and more business stuff.”

Be inspired by every situation…

Steering away from music to focus on strengthening his business he says, “I tell a lot of youths, the music scene is very hard to make money from. I tell people to get a job, get a trade and keep music as a hobby.” For those really passionate about music he encourages them to, “reach for the moon, and the galaxies!”

Having been through so much he says, “The struggle inspires me to come out the struggle.” And if he was in a governmental position he would create more job opportunities and put more youth mentors out there to, “help young people create a path and give guidance to them.”

As a role model for young people he advices them to, “Be inspired by every situation because it can make you change whether it’s good or bad. You have to be progressive and change your situation; no one is going to change it for you.” Jaja couldn’t be more right.

Jaja’s new and last album The Last Message is now available for download on iTunes. Click here to get it!

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