Paigey Cakey Wants to go Global

Published On 5 May, 2015 | By Mr Montgomery | Interviews, Music
E2E’s Andre Johnson interviews female rapper Paigey Cakey as she talks about rap, acting her influences and Geko.

Andre Johnson and Paigey Cakey promoting the take aim and shot eventThe 22 year old sensation told us how she began her journey and what brought her into the rap game.

“I always loved singing and using my vocals, I looked up to singers like Ms Dynamite as inspirations and females like Missy Elliot.

We asked her how it was being a female in the rap game and whether she stood out.

The rapper went on to say “Most rappers nowadays are male, but I like standing out and being different that’s who I am, I am Paigey Cakey! I can name only a few female rappers and many male rappers. But I am happy to stand out and be different.”

“People like Missy Elliot are inspirations to continue as a female rapper and also Nicki Minaj, I love their attitudes towards music and how they are as artists. If they can make it so can I.”

The rapper went on to say that the one rapper she would love to collaborate with is Drake as she loves his music and how far he had come.

We finally went on to ask whether she had a crush on UK artist Geko. She denied it saying “A lot of people think something is going on, but there is nothing going on. We just made a song together and he was talking about me in the song, but it doesn’t mean something is going on, Geko is younger than me and we are just focused on the music.

Paigey Cakey is currently working on a new EP called Two Paiges, and her debut album, The Next Paige, is available for download on iTunes.

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