Review: Richard Osborne – Late Night Thoughts (EP)

Published On 30 January, 2013 | By Ja'e | albums, Music, Reviews
A review on upstart singer-songwriter Richard Osborne’s second EP, ‘Late Night Thoughts’.

Richard Osborne - Late Night ThoughtsE2E Rating: 3.5/5
Release Date: 27th January 2013

At the word ‘go’ followed by a slow dum loop, we are pulled straight into the world of singer-songwriter, Richard Osborne. Sharing the same name as the EP, Richard brings us in on his late night thoughts in ‘LNT’. Keeping it simple but solid he reflects on his decision to turn music into his ‘job’. The upstart singer pays homage to his musician father and his mother who are his inspiration.

‘LNT’ has to be one of the best tracks on the five track compilation as it not only shows Richard making his stance but also shows a variety of musical styles, as he bursts into a semi-rap mid-song.

Next up, is ‘Stay’. We are shown a different side to Richards personality. He delivers a smooth R&B track about a broken relationship. He pleads to the lady in question to ‘stay for one night’. This particular track echoes the sounds ans styles of some of his musical inspirations which include the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ryan Leslie.

‘Love Like That’ is the only track on the extended play with a guest feature. Produced by Kris Flava, the track is given a hip-hop edge from London-based rapper Lekhem who is borrowed for a solid verse, creating a distinctive fusion of the two genres.

Back to Richard’s love – R&B, ‘Better’ brings forth the vibe of Timberlake and showcases the makings of a young Robin Thicke. He places his love interest on a pedestal, as he tells her she does everything much better than his last, and that he wants her round for a long time. This track is the epitome of what R&B once was, breathing life back into the genre. Though the track is great as it, placed right behind ‘LNT’ in ranking, it would work just as well with a rap verse from Lekhem in a remix.

Last but not least, ‘Just Leave’ continues Richard’s ability to tell a story through song.  This time round he wants to be left alone, which is a great contrast to the wanting of a broken relationship to be mended. The track is solemn, sombre and heartfelt, yet again showing a different personality and that he can interpret a variance of situations played out in relationships.

Described as true window into the artists soul, Richard’s sophomore effort Late Night Thoughts just does that. Delivering simple but striking hooks and melodies the EP is a personal and introspective piece from the twenty-two-year old. Not only does it reflect what the artist is about and loves – real and sincere R&B, the concept of ‘late night thoughts’ and what this EP delivers is something everyone can relate to.

Late Night Thoughts is available can be downloaded for free, here.

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