Super Bowl XLVII: Beyoncé conquers halftime show

Published On 4 February, 2013 | By Ja'e | entertainment, Music, music, music, News, Videos
Beyoncé joined on stage by Kelly and Michelle in an epic halftime Super Bowl show.

Destiny's Child Super Bowl XLVII

The lights dimmed, the people counted down and began chanting her name. It would be one more minute for Beyoncé to appear on stage for her Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. The chants were followed by fans selected running towards the stage for the unforgettable on-field experience.

With everyone in their place, a beautifully lit outlined of her face and Beyoncé appeared, but not in full form, just a silhouette. As she became clearer, standing on a pedestal in a leather and lace number designed by Rubin Singer, she opened her performance with ‘Love On Top’.

The medley then began as the music slowly changed and cued her debut song, ‘Crazy In Love’. Bursting into song and dance Beyoncé crawled sexily on the stage – beneath her a kaleidoscope of Beys! The superstar then broke out into her world-renowned uh-oh dance, backed up by a sea of beautiful ladies.

Introducing her bass guitarist, from her all-female band she skatted along to the infectious solo piece. A Michael Jackson inspired dance bring us into ‘Til The End of Time’ after more dancing she asked the crowd to put their hands together. A black and white screen with video doubles saw her wind her waist and dutty wine to the reggae inspired ‘Baby Boy’ featuring Sean Paul – which was mixed in with Chaka Demus and Pliers’ ‘Murder She Wrote’.

The soundtrack began to change again, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams dramatically popped out from the stage to reunite with their band mate for ‘Bootylicious’ and ‘Independent Woman’. As if things couldn’t get any more epic Bey asked Michelle and Kelly to help her sing ‘Single Ladies’ and join her with the song’s famous dance.

The lights then dimmed once more, the 20-yard facial silhouette outlines turn blue and Bey is left for her final solo, ‘Halo’. Her epic half-time show closes as fireworks ascend around the stadium.

She came. She saw, and she conquered the hell out of the 47th Super Bowl halftime show.

Watch King Bey’s epic Super Bowl performance below.

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