Facebook introduces verified Pages and Profiles

Published On 29 May, 2013 | By Ja'e | Apps & Software, News, tech, Technology
Facebook copies Twitter once again, this time with verified profiles and pages.

Facebook introduces verified accounts

Taking yet another page out of Twitter’s book, Facebook has introduced verfied profiles and pages for celebrities and other high-profile people. Just like Twitter, the stamp of approval is identifiable with a small blue tick next to the name of the person.

The popular social network announced the news on the Facebook newsroom today:

Today we’re launching verified Pages to help people find the authentic accounts of celebrities and other high-profile people and businesses on Facebook. Verified Pages have a small, blue check mark beside their name on timelines, in search results, and elsewhere on Facebook.

Verified Pages belong to a small group of prominent public figures (celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses) with large audiences.

The blue seal of appproval will be available to other popular individuals such as journalists and for well known businesses. They’ve added this feature, (to keep up with Twitter’s innovations) to make it easier to filter between real and fake accounts when searching Facebook.

Much like Twitter, Facebook will be making the decision on who should have a fancy blue tick alongside their names, for now anyway!

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