Has Nicki declined or accepted DJ Khaled’s “proposal”?

Published On 29 July, 2013 | By Ja'e | celebrity, entertainment, music, News
Is Nicki Minaj really getting wed to DJ Khaled or is it all a promotional stunt?

DJ Khaled & Nicki Minaj proposal ring

Since DJ Khaled’s very public proposal to Nicki Minaj last week, the blogosphere has been quaking with excitement, worry and millions of questions! Is he for real? Have they been seeing each other on the hush-hush?

Others would have been thinking, especially her fans; “she has better taste than that”, “she would never..” and then those more inclined to thinking like me would be thinking, “this is a publicity stunt!” Whatever anyone is thinking has yet to be confirmed, but it seems that Nicki is very much in on whatever the hell is going on!

The rapper took to her Instagram account yesterday (July 28) and uploaded a photo of herself in a hot pink slogan t-shirt with the word “LOVE” printed across it. Accompanying the selfie was the caption:

It’s all u need

which lead to hundreds of mixed comments from fans concerning her to be or not to be nuptials! The star was later spotted rocking the “engagement ring”, but according to her stans it’s a ring she has owned for years. The pair is yet to reveal what is going on, or reveal a new track that shows how much they are in love suffering from success!

Stay locked for that track, because I know that’s exactly what it’s going to be! You know I’m hardly ever wrong! While you wait, check out DJ Khaled’s so-called proposal below via MTV.

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