Metropolitan Cr8tive Project

We delivered our first Cr8tive Project in April 2013 in partnership with Metropolitan Housing Association on the Moorlands Estate in Brixton, South London. The project came about through, Endz2Endz founder Dennis Gyamfi who grew up on the Moorlands Estate. Over the years of growing up he built a relationship with a staff member of Metropolitan Housing youth programme manager Grace English.

Grace saw Dennis’s passion and Plans for Endz2Endz and decided to give Dennis an opportunity to deliver a workshop on the estate where he grew up, Endz2Endz team were very excited when this opportunity came through because some of the team have never worked with young people although they were young themselves and this gave them the opportunity to work with young people and add the experience to their CV. It also gave some of our team members the opportunity to learn from and teach those that society refers to as ‘gangs’, ‘petty criminals’, ‘ASBOs’ etc. whereas we referred to them as family. The team helped the young people in decisions making, they will encouraged individual and group efforts.

Metropolitan Housing Association gave us one week to mentor 12 young people, it was a very tight schedule to create a magazine in but we believed it could be done and it was done. It blew the minds of Metropolitan Housing, the community and even the parents were both shocked and proud when they saw the final product of the workshop.

E2E Magazine Issue 9 (Entrepreneur Brixton Special)On the week of the workshop we started working with the young people on creating the magazine. The young people based the magazine on ‘entrepreneurs’ in Brixton. With the title Entrepreneurs in Brixton Endz2Endz helped the young people to research who in the community was young and building their own income, and out of our list we came out with four young people doing great things in the Brixton community: Blockwork Out founderTerrol Lewis , founder of the Brixton Soup Kitchen – Solomon Smithm, presenter Mia Liabelle and the then Deputy Lambeth Youth Mayor Jeremiah Emmanuel, who now runs the organisation One Big Community.

Through out the 5 days the young people learnt how to prepare for a magazine, journalism skills, photography skills, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign skills. Everyday of the workshop different skills were inhanced. young people worked extra hard together to create the final product of the magazine (Brixton Entrepreneur Edition), the magazine at the end got printed by Metropolitan Housing, they printed 1500 hard copies and we also placed the magazine our website reaching over 1000 hits.

All together Endz2Endz have produced 9 issues of magazine on our website and our sites audience have made us aware that the youth magazine was one of the best youth magazine ever created by young people on our site promoting positivity within the community. The workshop provided a good environment and safe space for the young people to exploring and share skills in a positive way.

To check out the magazine please click here.