Published On 3 December, 2012 | By Ja'e | events, Reviews
Culture feature writer Amariah reviews live music event ‘Be Productive, Not Destructive’.

On the freezing cold evening of Saturday 1st December, AWT Events presented ‘Be Productive, Not Destructive’ at Caipirinha, a live music bar in Highgate, North London.

The campaign developed to encourage those to tackle community issues in a productive manner was filmed by for a new light entertainment TV programme based on upcoming singers, rappers and MC’s being introduced to the entertainment scene as well as the popular music and culture called Limelight.

There were excellent and spectacular performances by Leyton Benta, Michael Carr, Rachael Hylton, Nadia Rose, Tierz, Shaggabakk, BStar, and C.O.G who gave a full range of wonderful entertainment on the night.

It was amazing to see the artists transform from being extremely nervous as they stepped up on stage and then gradually lighten up and grow confidence, as they receive positive energy and support from the crowd. It was definitely a night of achievement for the young performers and an especially great night of sharing talent and musical expression!

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