Review: ‘Y.O.L.O Therapy’ Pemiere

Published On 17 November, 2012 | By Amariah Watson | films, Reviews
Review on British short film ‘Y.O.L.O Therapy’ based on the acronym made popular by Hip-Hop artists.

On Monday 5th November, at The Peckham Plex – independent cinema a premiere took place for the short film Y.O.L.O Therapy. Which tells a hilarious yet serious topic of the ‘Y.O.L.O’ archon. It explains, that even the term ‘You Only Live Once’ shouldn’t give you an excuse to encourage negative behaviour but to do something better with your lives.

The five main characters were played by Sanchez Brown (who also wrote the script), Michael Salami, Camilla De Oliveira, Max Calandrew and Sarah Alexandra Marks. These characters were played extremely well, the characters reflected a lot young adults who work around with this closed mentality; the player and ‘baller’ types, a nymphomaniac and a gambler.Y.O.L.O Therapy explores these scenarios and results them with consequential paradoxes.

Present on the evening were writers/stars of the film Sanchez and Micheal. Upcoming writer Sebastian Thiel was present another upcoming writer we also viewed his trailer for his new short film Friday, a UK version of the American classic film originally placed with Chris Tucker and Ice Cube.

Youth mentor Peaches, who presented Peckham Schools For Girls televised on BBC3 a few years back was also present, supporting the young people who helped make the film. Also on the night was a special performance by spoken word artist Lion Heart who also performed a short piece at the end of the short film.

Overall, it was a great night of networking and getting an insight of the young and future generation of the UK film industry! Who have many talents to share and future projects to embrace with everyone.

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