Google celebrates Doctor Who 50th Anniversary with a Doodle

Published On 23 November, 2013 | By Ja'e | Gaming, Technology
Google celebrates Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary with a Doodle, while BBC 1 gear up for the show’s return.


If there’s one thing we like on the internet it has to be Google’s very creative ‘Doodles’. And yesterday’s Doodle was no exception to that like! In celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, the awesome Google creative team created a special Doctor Who doodle in the form of a game!

Created by Matthew Cruickshankade and a bunch of other really cool and creative folk, the Doodle was visible globally. On the Google Doodle blog it states:

It seemed daunting- 11 Doctor’s, 50 years of adventures, countless enemies and time travel! But we loved the idea of science fiction, technology and fun coming together, so we set about creating a multiple level game. The game was always a simple premise- those dastardly Daleks have stolen the Google letters and we need Doctor Who to retrieve them.

To play, all you need is time and a mouse to click your way through different locations and collection the Google letters. Seems easy but it’s not, come on its time travel! To complete the game in the fastest time you possibly can you have to use strategy and time management to dodge Daleks, crazy Cybermen and annoying Weeping Angel to get back to the TARDIS. If you’re caught by one of the Doctor’s nemesis’ you’ll regenerate and minutes will be added onto your adventure – defeating the object of the game!

Click here and jump in your TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension “doodle” in Space) and become the fastest time lord in the universe!

In other news..

Doctor Who returns to our screens today for the 50th anniversary special episode ‘The Day of the Doctor’. The episode will see previous Doctor’s played by David Tenant and John Hurt return as well as other characters such as…

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