Azealia Banks: – The most hated female in britain

Published On 13 May, 2016 | By Mr Montgomery | celebrity, features, Music, news, random

Azealia Banks went from being known as a young talented american (thats if you knew her) then to being a racists rapper to arguing with a 14 year old then her final destination was to be the most hated woman in Britain (on twitter) all of this happened in 24 hours.

The last time i checked the most hated woman in Britain was Katie Hopkins with her direct messages and a lack of filter in her approaches to subjects, she once said she would never employ a fat person and she dislikes geographical names but her daughter is called india. Yes! Thats weird right. 

Well, we have a new crazy queen in town and this time shes not even from the UK. Azealia Banks took the world by storm this week as she became officially the most hated woman in Britain outside of Britain! 
This story goes way longer than you think. Its literally a 4 way circle. It all started as Banks tweeted racists comments about Zayn Malik because he had copied her style in his new musical project.  

Then Zayn Malik tagged out and in comes the most unlikely source. Skai Jackson. If you have a little sister between the ages of 5-12 you’ll know who she is. The disney channel star of Jessie tweeted telling Azealia Banks to just calm down a little and Banks didn’t take it as great. 

Now heres how she became the most hated woman in Britain as she tweeted her opinion about UK rap and a video on periscope of her hatred for it. 

Reasons why i say she is the most hated is because so many artists and profiles got involved in the UK that were verified that I didn’t even know were verified in the UK grime scene. Ah so beautiful seeing rappers team up to destroy Azealia banks.

Then to top it all of, she was taken out of the line up for rinse fm born & bred musical event. Then finally her twitter account was suspended. 

To be honest her opinion on the grime scene is quite irrelevant as the grime scene is developing and has extended to the US with the influence of Drake. I guess Azealia Banks did help the image of the UK grime scene as it brought some publicity. 

Some would say grime makes more sense to the UK, if you understood the uk grime culture, you would be able to relate to it. However, when you listen to artists like Young Thug I don’t understand a word he is saying in his songs, but he does make good music.

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