Heart 2 Heart with Claira Hermet: Benga (Episode 4)

Published On 6 May, 2013 | By Ja'e | comedy, Videos, webisodes
Claira Hermet sits down for a ‘Heart 2 Heart’ with Benga.

Claira Hermet's Heart 2 Heart wit Benga

For the fourth episode of Claira Hermet’s brand new ‘Heart 2 Heart’ online series, she the sits down with Dubstep producer Benga.

All connected in their ‘circle of truth’ Benga speaks of heart break, why he has been blocking Claira on Twitter! He also goes where no man or girl has gone before since her Heart 2 Hearts began by touching Claira’s no go zone!

When he’s asked what is the longest he has gone wearing the same pants he answers with:

I normally just go bareback!

Which leads on to a whole different subject! Naughty Benga!  Look out for her heart 2 heart with English Frank next week Monday!

If you’ve missed the previous episodes, click here to watch the first four episodes.

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Watch her hilarious Heart 2 Heart with Benga below, may not be suitable for work/school!

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