Justin Bieber ‘Beauty and a Beat’ video (ft. Nicki Minaj)

Published On 15 October, 2012 | By Ja'e | music, Videos
Justin Bieber’s stolen footage claim was a stunt to plug ‘Beauty and a Beat’ video, featuring Nicki Minaj.

Last Wednesday (10th October), kicked off with drama in the Justin Bieber camp. The Canadian pop star tweeted how upset he was about someone stealing his laptop with personal video footage on it. He tweeted to his million of followers:

With all his Beliebers behind him, Justin even tweeted the so-called thief who was gloating on Twitter that they was going to upload the footage on YouTube – which they did! In the end it all turned out as a ploy to promote the video for his track ‘Beauty and a Beat’, from his album Believe! In the start of the video we see all the ‘leaked’ footage of Justin making music and chilling with friends which then leads into the actual video.

Shot in a documentary style, the video revolves around a pool party with dancers, synchronized swimmers and Nicki Minaj (who features on the track) in a pink frock! What a way to promote a video, he seriously can’t be desperate with his fandom.

You know what they say about the boy who cried wolf! Watch the video below.

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