Video: Azealia Banks – Atalntis

Published On 14 November, 2012 | By Ja'e | music, Videos
Azealia Banks reveals a ‘Seapunk inspired video for her latest release, ‘Atlantis’.

The dated notion of ‘Seapunk’ is alive and well in Azealia Banks new video! The ideology made popular on the social networking site was though have been put to seabed but since the arrival of the Harlem femcee and her ‘mermaid hair’ it has bubbled back up to surface! Taken from her mixtape Fantasea, her latest track ‘Atlantis’ (which isn’t her best) takes her sea enchantment ideas to an extensive level in its Fafi directed clip.

In the retro-CGI video we see A-sea-lia having fun with her clip art sea friends. We see the rapper swinging and rotating her hips in her usual fashion, stroking sea horses, riding dolphins and everything you would imagine doing in a life-size aquarium! The video has apparently received a backlash from ‘Seapunk’ artists, but the style of the video is nothing new as Michael Jackson had a similar style of video for ‘Leave Me Alone’ and more recently M.I.A had internet inspired graphics in her ‘XXXO’ video.

As they say, “there’s nothing new under the sun”, including what goes on in ‘Atlantis’!

Watch the crazy video below!

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