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Who we are

Endz2Endz is a community based company founded in 2008, by young people. We are a London based digital and online magazine that empowers the youth through creative media.

‘Endz’ is an urban word for area or community you live in. The magazine was set up to present young people positively, as at the time mainstream media was portraying young people in a negative light. We felt it was crucial for us to show the great stuff young people are doing in London, and beyond.

Empowering young people through creative media.

Publishing for young people

We have a growing website and quarterly digital magazine that promotes and showcases young talents in the UK, as well as those worldwide. We also use our YouTube channel to engage and entertain our audience.

Our media platform echoes the interests of young people in the UK and presents some of issues they encounter. We believe that promoting positive stories about young people will inspire them and others.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire and empower the current and next generation to create fresh, inspirational and original content.

Training & Projects

We offer creative and entrepreneurial young people a chance to work for a real media company in both creative and business-oriented roles. If you’d like to get involved, just get in touch.

E2E Cr8tive Projects

We run workshops and projects, where we teach young people in local communities and schools creative and new media skills. The workshops which can be easily implemented into school holidays cover the basics of creating a magazine, videography, photograph and journalism/creative writing.

We ran our first Cr8tive Project in April 2013 in partnership with Metropolitan Housing on the Moorlands Estate in Brixton, South London.

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LeSoCo (formerly Southwark College)

During the 2012-2013 academic year we worked with first and second year students at Southwark College (now LeSoCo). Using our platform to showcase their work, the first year students made documentaries while the and second year students created idents (channel ID) for our YouTube channel. Watch their some of their thought provoking documentaries below.

Spirit of London Awards (SOLA)

Endz2Endz founder Dennis Gyamfi is SOLA Ambassador and honorary member of the SOLA Foundation, having won an award for ‘Achievement Through Media’ in 2010. Through this accomplishment we have established a relationship with the foundation, where we help out with their ‘Inspire School Roadshow’ tours and workshops. We also help to cover some of their events such as their annual award ceremony.


E2E communicates with young people through our projects and social media.