College 101: Meeting Deadlines

Published On 20 December, 2012 | By Derrick | Articles, Lifestyle, Students/Education
With the December deadlines completed and January ones looming, @TheLookoutDiary discusses meeting deadlines for the fourth edition of ‘College 101′.

College 101 #4

I previously did a post on schedules and organisation but what I want to talk about is that deadline. It is that deadline that we want to meet but feel lazy to meet early. I was set the task to complete my English Literature coursework essay draft by the end of term before Christmas. I have two teachers and one of them told me the deadline was the 19th December 2012 and the other one said it was the 21st December 2012. I didn’t know which deadline was correct so I ended up giving it in early.

The problem I had was meeting this deadline. I can meet deadlines without a problem. The problem is that I usually meet my deadlines on the day before or on the day. My way of meeting deadlines applies to everything in my life.

What I have learned from my lack of appreciating focus, discipline and getting things in early is that when you do things late, you become less aware of the standard of your work and more about meeting the deadline above anything. If you have a major deadline, always finish your work at least a week before it is due so you can check it, and make sure you understand what you are writing.

The best students are always those that spend less time being lazy and procrastinating and more time finishing their masterpiece. Deadlines are crucially important in college but also at work and everyday life. Everything you write or do should be a masterpiece.

Treat your life like it is valuable and make everything close to perfect. The sooner, the better!

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