College 101: Scheduling and organisation means sacrifice

Published On 21 November, 2012 | By Derrick | Articles, Lifestyle, Students/Education
For the third edition of ‘College 101’ @TheLookoutDiary discusses how to organise study and social time.

College is teaching me something very significant. Something teachers keep stressing day in and day out. Something I didn’t take seriously last year, till I flopped impeccably in my exams.

Scheduling and Organisation!

Yes, the weird thing that creeps up on you, demanding you to sacrifice your precious time, meaning stay away from watching TV, browsing Tumblr and Twitter. When I hear schedule and organisation in the same sentence, I believe my social life will automatically dissipate to nothing except my bedroom and the library at college.

Yes, that has happened sadly.

I have told you how depressing giving up your social life can be, but you don’t have to give it up completely. What you’re actually doing, or I am doing right now is simply placing education as a priority on my list and putting everything else to the side. I am always finding time to chill out and go on Twitter and Tumblr. I can’t live without those two, as long as the internet exists.  I am also finding time to hang out with friends in between my whole studying agenda. Scheduling and self-organisation allows you to be on top of your education, and makes you work incredibly hard to achieve your dreams.

You cannot achieve your dreams if you don’t spend any time working towards your desire. A weekly schedule of your leisure time and studying time at school and home will make a huge difference in your achievement. It could be 3 hours of studying every single day outside of college, and the rest of the day to you. For some, that is reasonable and for others, impossible because they have other commitments.

You should be able to sacrifice your social life if you know the bigger reward you would be getting later on in life.  You should want to sacrifice your social life if you know later on in life; you will be the next top economist with a six figure salary. Or you should be working hard if you are going to become the most influential writer of this century, or the most revolutionary scientist of our generation. Looking at the rewards like this, I am happily willing to sacrifice all my time, but right now we have short-term rewards that don’t last very long. Short term rewards like going out to the cinema, going to the park or shopping at Westfield London and going out to a Jay-Z or Beyonce concert.

Carefully examine what you would like to achieve in life. Write it down on a piece of paper. Then visualise the lifestyle you would like. According to your visual images, write down everything you need to achieve to have that lifestyle. It might take some research, but if you know what you want to do, I guess all you can do right now is


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