College 101: Those weird friends you do socisl experiments with

Published On 31 October, 2012 | By Derrick | Articles, Lifestyle, Students/Education
Catered for the young, E2E brings to you the second edition of ‘College 101′, written by @TheLookoutDiary.

I went down to Westfield recently with my friend Yasmin. Someone I don’t hang out with often, but have so much respect for. Her friend came along too. It was a typical day after college, when I had nothing else to do except come home. I left college and then Yasmin asked me, “What would you do if a random person came and talked to you about music and entertainment?” To me, I was thinking I would only talk back if the random conversation was interesting and specific to a topic. Minutes later after walking fast down Fulham Palace Road, I find myself, Yasmin and her friend asking randomers the same question at Hammersmith Station.

We went on further to actually walking to Westfield London, and carried out a public social survey. The only thing is, when we got to Westfield, we only went to Holland & Barrett to buy flapjacks, then left after 20 minutes. No survey was done.

Most people, who answered our question that day, said they would walk away. All the people who said they would were new to the country and referenced that in their home country, everyone talks to everyone in a friendly way. Life and cultures are vastly different. I just wish people were more interested in meeting new people out of their social groups and institutions like education and work.

The most intriguing thing about hanging out with my friend Yasmin, was that she is really weird, un-expecting but very smart. I don’t really associate myself with people who are socially aware, because they are hard to find. I am happy I found a friend that is into society, questioning things and analysing structures, as well as having fun and applying intriguing and constructive topics to everyday life.

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