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Catered for the young, E2E brings to you a new experience called ‘College 101’. By @TheLookOutDiary.

The weird moment when you start college and all you are thinking about are three things:
• The opposite sex
• Your competition
• What you look like

Now of course, they aren’t necessarily important, but that is what crossed my mind when I started college. Yes, I had and have expectations to get the best grades, and go to university, but you can’t stop thinking about how you come across in college. How people perceive your character and how you interact with all people, including teachers. I always try to come across as confident and assertive in my approach to college while simply being myself, without giving so much away, to the point I become transparent.

I could be walking through my college grounds and when I see people I like, I internally check myself (sane or not sane) and then I check my appearance, by touching myself (non-sexually) and then I smile with my all my teeth showing, to show positivity. I end up meeting nice people, due to my positive attitude. On days when I am not so positive, I think I am quieter and confined to my space and just repair my personal downfalls that have occurred recently, through reflection. My negative attitude is a rare occurrence though. That leads me to the key, key lessons of college that seem to find its way into my development as a person.

College has taught me many things since September. It has taught me that concentration in lessons and attendance is very important. It has taught me that being able to communicate clearly with confidence and reason is important. It has most importantly taught me about those little, unnoticeable things about myself I never knew about myself before. Things like my love for English Literature, but my strong dislike for analysis, which kills my love for the subject. I think I am more expressive and subjective, rather than objective and factual, regardless of the fact my English teacher clearly says on occasion ‘English has no right answer,’ but then the mark scheme has clear and concise answers *disgusted look*. College is the place to reason with yourself, and reason with others.

Find out who you are, what you believe, who you like, who you don’t like and how to deal with challenges among people your own age. That’s college and me so far.

Words by: @TheLookoutDiary

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