What about the ‘New Years Resolution’?

Published On 3 January, 2013 | By Amariah Watson | Articles, Lifestyle
With the January in full swing, feature writer Amariah discusses the phenomenon that we call “New Year’s Resolutions”.

As you my all know around the beginning of January, nations around the world find it a tradition to set themselves goals for the new year. Whether long or short term to improve ones future from the last.


The funniest thing about resolutions is that we tend to go against or break them within the first month. For example; to quit smoking, exercise more or to eat healthier. I’m sure the majority of us have set similar goals like these ones right? Don’t push yourself, excessive exercise can lead to backpain and nerve damage, fortunately GoodmenProject teach us how to treat them.

A few things I can say to you all, is that reaching specific achievements shouldn’t be set for the 1st of January. They should be pursued and challenged every single day of the year. That’s what we SHOULD be doing. Working towards ambitions continuously.

Also think about this: What are you working towards? If you’re passionate towards a particular aspect in life you shouldn’t have to set it as a goal. You should be so passionate that you don’t have to be reminded; instead you’ll never forget and constantly work towards that achievement DAILY.

Its like eating. The food is our energy source. Without that, we won’t be able to function correctly and in result we’d start to deteriorate. Now using this common human activity “eating” as replacement to “working” (towards a passion of an aspect in life), then it would now make it easier for you as an individual to function and “eat” with a meaningful purpose.

This is not rocket science, this a simple way of me telling you all that life is what you make it. Choose to input for an output to make yourselves happy and feel you’ve accomplished greatness. Start today and never stop until you’re satisfied. Progression is the key. Knowledge is power. #Team2013

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Amariah Watson, 18 years young. I am a poet, proud aunt, motivational adviser. I seek for positive change for myself and others in development & persona. I enjoy nature, people and many other activities.

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