Black History Month 2012

Published On 12 October, 2012 | By Amariah Watson | Articles, Arts & Culture, Culture
As some of you are aware its October, meaning its Black History Month! It’s the month for us to reflect back as a ‘black’ nation and everyone else to acknowledge our history.

I personally honour every black figure such as Ruby Bridge, Mary Seacole, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and many more recent figures like Maya Angelou.

In every significant way they have left their positive marks in history and put a stamp for everyone to see, acknowledge and make a vast difference. What we’ve invented, solved and went through in the much earlier stages such as – slavery.

They tackled issues ‘average’ people who were afraid to talk about, resolve

Watch out for my next post over the next few weeks of October, I’ll speak briefly of what wonders some have done.

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