Antoinette-Rita: Her love for law and writing

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Antoinette-Rita discusses her love for law and creative writing.

E2E met up with Antoinette-Rita in The West End to discuss her inspiring life journey that has been constructed by her love for Law and creative writing.

Antoinette-Rita found her love for writing at the age of six when she received her first certificate for her creative writing in primary school.From that moment, Antoinette-Rita realised that writing was an essential part of her life.

At the age of 12, she was invited by the International Society of Poets for a convention and poetry competition held in Florida in which she won a Young Poet Award.

As a successful London-born and based Nigerian woman who spreads her talent through creative writing, she gained most of her inspiration from her mother who supported her passion. However, the fact that her father’s presence in her development and passion wasn’t there, this gave her more inspiration to follow her dream regardless of the circumstances and challenges she faced when pursuing her career in creative writing.

‘You can’t use the colour of your skin as an excuse anymore.’

Antoinette-Rita self-published Purple and Blue – Inspiration Poems in 2008 at aged 17. This showed that it is not the age, but the dedication and passion of the individual that allows them to pursue their dream.

In 2010, the foreword of her second poetry publication, The Blue Ocean was written by Former President of Nigeria, His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. In addition, he officially launched the book in London on Monday 17th October 2011. Antoinette was really humbled when he came and realised that when you work hard, it really does pay off.

In 2011, Antoinette-Rita received the Achievement through the Arts award courtesy of the Spirit of London Awards who recognised her phenomenal and talented work.

When it comes to being successful in writing, Antoinette says that a good place to start is to network with people in your field, join or create collaborations with other writers, look for writers’ guilds and membership societies and go to events that are focused in the literary and creative arts.

The most important point you have to take with you is work hard for your desired success and not give into people’s put downs. Living with her mother, studying law, holding concerts and book launches, she still pursues her career and continues to inspire many others from her life experience.

WRITTEN BY: Derrick McMillan

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