E2E: Interview with Abiodun Balogun

Published On 29 February, 2012 | By Tyrone | Arts & Culture, Books, E2E, Interviews, Students/Education
Interview with SOuth London poet and author of ‘London’s Invisible Tears’, Abiodun Balogun.

E2E meets up with a 22-year-old talented poet Abiodun Balogun from South London. To discuss his everyday living that has been constructed for his love for poetry.

Abiodun Balogun found his love for poetry at the age of 14. Where he wrote his first comical piece entitled ‘Stop Beating Me’ it encompassed some light and heavy challenges of a young man growing up in two different societies at once, the poem was best performed, and also was requested at many talent shows and assemblies at the time. His poetry is described to be versatile with inspiration from poets such as William Shakespeare to rap artists Tupac Shakur.

Growing up in Deptford he witnessed major issues, which many of us face on a day-to-day basis. From the tragedies and injustice on the news, alongside young deaths. He currently has a book out called London’s Invisible Tears. Over 40 original pieces written by himself there are 4 chapters of the book, Including a chapter entitled ‘through my own eyes’ which brings out a much closer insight to the author himself.

When asked was this book written to express your experience in which you see in life, he said:

It was mainly written to inspire the youth so that they don’t have to go down the conventional routes of sports and music, it was also written to highlight the importance of reading and writing and the positives you can gain from doing so.

To be continued in issue 6 of the magazine, out soon.

Abiodun’s London’s Invisible Tears can be purchased online here.

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