Endz2Endz meets up with Adz & Shallow

Published On 20 October, 2012 | By Karishma | E2E, Interviews
Endz2Endz interviews Brixton duo, Adz & Shallow who also performs one of their tracks exclusively for us.

The Brixton duo, Adz & Shallow have been poppin’ off in the UK rap scene for quite some time now. As many are aware of, it is hard to get into the music industry, and living on an estate seems like it would be twice as hard, right? Or even impossible? – Wrong! Adz & Shallow proved it otherwise. The duo made it into the music industry with nothing but their flow and ambition, and for this reason we wanted to talk to them, and let them share their story.

E2E interviewed the duo, asking them many questions and not holding back. The boys didn’t hold back either when it came to answering as they gave us real, in-depth answers, and also examples. We asked them questions such as, “How has doing music changed your lives?“, and “Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?” And also questioning them about their upcoming album, ‘Surreal’.

As well as the interview, Adz & Shallow also rapped one of their tracks to us – ‘In The Bag‘. Both this and the interview was filmed, and will be brought to you soon. Look out for the video.


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