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The fact that the majority of the population has to wake up early between Monday and Friday seriously puts me off. The fact that I have to wake up at 6 to go to college seriously puts me off. It is the point when you have to force your eyes to open and get ready for an intense day of learning.

Having to wake up so early isn’t a particularly bad thing if you think about it. You are getting ready to educate yourself when you wake up in darkness. The tiredness and temporary morning stress prepares you for your life and lays down the ground work. You realise that if you don’t get up and make the most of your day, you won’t achieve what you want in your life.

By the time you wake up and eat breakfast, you are ready to take over the world. As a college student, I have learned that college has to be taken seriously. However, as college isn’t compulsory, it is easy to give up and miss a few lessons in the morning or late afternoon. You have to show dedication, and willingness when you are working for your dreams in life by doing those little things that open doors. You may not like your sociology or economics teacher but it really does pay off when you realise, what you are doing, is for your own success, not the teachers.

Do the little thing like forcing yourself to get up in the morning, so that your door is wide and opportunities are high.

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