The History of Black Britain in 100 Songs Part 2

Published On 11 October, 2012 | By Lolia | arts & culture, Events
Veteran radio broadcaster Alex Pascal teams up with Alexander D Great for a special evening, celebrating Black History Month.

In celebration of this year’s Black History Month, Alex Pascall (known for first daily Black radio programme in Britain in 1974) and Alexander D Great (known for first full length calypso opera in West London 1998) have teamed up to present a memorable evening with music that was brought over to Britain by the Windrush generation. It is a trip down memory lane for the older group of listeners but a refreshing history piece for those who are hungry to know more!

The second part of this exciting and memorable event is being held at the Bernie Grants Art Centre, in Tottenham Green at 7.30pm on the 16th of October. Check the website for more info on the event.

For now here’s a quick visual history lesson about the Windrush below.

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