Anthony Lyrics Releases ‘Check My Flow’ Poetry Clothing Line

Published On 28 February, 2013 | By Amariah Watson | Fashion, mens, unisex, womens
Poet and self-proclaimed ‘laid back Social Media professional’ Anthony Lyrics releases his ‘Check My Flow’ clothing line.

Anthony Lyrics - Check My Flow Clothing Line

Check My Flow was first created in May 2012, by Anthony Lyrics. It started off as a simple idea to showcase how diverse poetry can be and people who write it. Being a poet himself,  Anthony wanted to share his love for poetry and interact with other writers and enthusiasts.

The new clothing line consists of unisex jumpers, t-shirts for man and separate ones for woman. Each item has their own unique quote placed at the front, such as “Poetic Dreamer”, “Person of Exceptional Talent” and a few more. These items of clothing are perfect for poetry lovers and poets themselves who can wear these clothing while performing. They can be purchased on his website.

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