Hugo Boss – Red Never Follows

Published On 13 August, 2013 | By Faye | Arts & Culture, Events, Events, Fashion
Twenty urban creatives celebrate twenty years of HUGO with an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.

HUGO BOSS - Red Never Follows

When you think of Hugo Boss generally what comes to mind is swanky suits and aftershave, an art exhibition would be one of the last things you’d think of. But prepare to think again, Hugo Boss is celebrating 20th anniversary. By putting together a selection of artworks that are innovative and unconventional.

‘Proximity/Repulsion’ by Felix Banowski

The German fashion giants are launching a pop-up visual showcase called Red Never Follows, working with 20 urban creatives from around the world representing each year of Hugo Boss. Red Never Follows is designed to reflect their own outlook in the fashion world and showcase ‘the spirit of not following’.

Naturally the exhibition is themed around the brand’s colours of red, black and white. Each artist featured offers unique pieces and installations, which adult and children can enjoy.

With exciting works from Daito Manabe who challenges ideas of consumerism, using electrons to manipulate people facial expressions, so they twitch at the same time. Another fun highlight is that of Felix Banowski –  ‘Proximity/Repulsion’, were digital-like fragments rain down on a projected screen and interact with your silhouette when you stand in front of it.

'Birdcage' by Jeongmoon Choi

‘Birdcage’ by Jeongmoon Choi

The exhibition features work from the likes of Victor Ash, Marco Barotti, Felix Bonowski, Jeongmoon Choi, Pierre Debusschere, Sonice Development, Elektropastete, Güvenç Özel, Pussykrew, URBANSCREEN, and many more!

This free exhibition will be at the Saatchi Gallery until the 1st September offering innovative artworks for all to engage.



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