Movie Alert: Alleged sequel to ‘I Am Legend’!

Published On 23 February, 2012 | By Ja'e | blockbuster, entertainment, Film & TV, Movies, News
Could a sequeal to ‘I Am Legend’ be in the works?

On Monday night ITV2 aired one of my favourite films to come out of 2007, I Am Legend. An awesome film that stars the brilliant (and sexy) Will Smith. I took to the web while it was being aired to check into GetGlue (a really cool site) and to see if it was being spoken about on Twitter which it was, obviously! I then found out through a number of sources that the apocalyptic blockbuster that pulled in a mega £368m worldwide is set to hit the big screens again.

Those who have watched the film (if you haven’t shame on you!), may clearly be baffled as Robert Neville, the character Will plays dies for a greater good at the end. So where does that leave Will? Apparently the producers are keen to reprise his role – this can only be possible if the upcoming film is set prior to what we’ve seen already.

However other sources say that nothing has been finalised yet, but being attached as a producer via his production company Overbrook Entertainment there’s the potential.

What are your thoughts of I Am Legend possibly returning to the big screen?

In other news: Will Smith will return as Agent J in Men in Black 3 which will be released in cinemas May 25th. If you haven’t yet seen the trailer view it after the jump…

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