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Published On 15 January, 2014 | By Dennis | Founders Blog
E2E delivers its first Cr8tive Project of the year at Woolwich’s independent school, Wize Up.

Wize Up SchoolOn January 9th, myself Dennis Gyamfi founder of Endz2Endz and co-founder Tyrone Smiley met up for a journey to Woolwich. The early morning trip was to make sure we arrive at our first contract of the year early. We were heading to Wize Up to deliver our first Cre8tive Projects workshop of the year.

Wize Up is an independent school that caters for young people with variety of needs special educational and emotional needs – social misbehaviour that would not be accepted in mainstream education. Wize Up focuses on improving the behaviour of younbg people who get sent there.

We arrived an hour early as we had made a slight mistake as timetable it showed that the class started at 9:45! Myself and Tyrone stayed in the car and slept. When we entered the building the Deputy Head told us we were meant to be in for 9am, I felt so embarrassed for arriving on my first day to a job late, but  we  made it up with  the sessions we had with the young people.

Throughout the day we worked with 3 different classes, which were categorised differently from mainstream secondary schools. The Level 1 class was equivalent to year 7-8, Level 2 was equivalent to year 9-10 and level 3 was equivalent to year 11.  Each class was very exciting to work with and all had their own unique qualities.

Wize Up students

Wize Up students

We had the Level 1 and 3 classes for a double lesson block and the  Level 2 class for a single session. Our first session with each class was to get the students to put on them thinking about what they’d like to do if they got the opportunity to create something big for their school. We did this by asking them what they like to read and watch to get an idea of what they might want create or base a school magazine on.

All in all, the day was successful. The young people learned about how to structure a magazine, the types of magazines that are out there, what they want they magazine to look and feel like. With some of the classes we even went through how we want the pages to look like.

All three classes were great, the Head of the school even popped into one of the classes and sat in on it.  The young people of Wize Up was gave us back some really good feedback even though we had to discipline them a few times!

One student said to me that “we are good to you guys because you guys are cool and your lesson doesn’t feel like work although we write and hold loads of group discussions”. I was well amazed by this comment it made my day because these students were very difficult to please!

We will be returning on Thursday 16th January to work with the students this time on interviews and journalism. Look out for the next Founder’s Blog on how it went!

A huge thanks to Livity (Live Magazine) and Wize Up for the wonderful opportunity.

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