Workshop at Wize Up Independent School: Blog 2

Published On 23 January, 2014 | By Dennis | Founders Blog
E2E’s second week at Woolwich’s independent school, Wize Up.

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On the Thursday the 16th Tyrone Smiley and myself went back for our second week with the Wize Up students. We had the same classes – Level 1 to 3 – but this time the Level 1 and 2 classes were put together.

During the session, which was continued from last weeks introduction, the students watched interviews with the likes of rapper Tinie Tempah and SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards. After watching the interviews the students were asked to where to make notes on what they saw and heard. The questions that were asked, how they were asked etc. They were also asked to think of their own questions and how they would asked them if they were to interview their teacher or peers.

At the end of the lessons most of the young people were well happy with the lesson because they watched their favorite actors and musician being interviewed not that they couldn’t have seen these films anywhere else but to be in class watching something you could have seen at home and discussing with in class with their classmate was amazing to them and to us they were amazing doing what they’ve all been asked to do.

Overall the students were well-behaved, of course with the exception of one or two individuals – probably because they were now used to us! It was interesting to see how the joint work of Level 1 and 2 compared to the Level 3 students had different outcomes for both of the class. The Level 3 class was really good, they concentrated and participated in the session really well.

I love seeing the young people developing, last week we had a good time but this week we was even better!

If you missed out on my first blog about our Magazine Workshop with the Wize Up students, check it out here.

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