Published On 14 August, 2012 | By Amariah Watson | Inspiration, projects

Over the past two weeks I’ve been attending a summer university project held at High Trees in a All Arts, Music & Media Course. The people I work with are very inspiring, a mixture of HIGHLY talented youths and adults.

The contrast in generation speaks volumes and comes to show that times have changed; especially in the up bringing of the youths and adults. The adults there share their experiences and stories of growing up as kid and this inspires me to inspire others. In sense that I can share my wisdom and knowledge to the young boys and girls of today.

I believe we should all do the same as a wise man is only wise when he shares his knowledge. Though a wise man doesn’t believe he is because he still has a lot to learn. So everyone please find some form of inspiration, because it can take you a long way either towards your future career, friendships, relationships etc.

Check out the High Trees website here for more information on the project:

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Amariah Watson, 18 years young. I am a poet, proud aunt, motivational adviser. I seek for positive change for myself and others in development & persona. I enjoy nature, people and many other activities.

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