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The Royal Festival Hall was the chosen for the location to interview independent mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita. As she entered the room she projected sincerity and was a welcome break from the usual ‘stuffy’ world of politics.

Benita quit her ‘high powered’ job to run for mayor this year. It was not as she says “a decision taken lightly” but one made to try and improve the lives of all those living in the City of London. As a ‘London Girl’ born and raised she is proud of London and also has the feel for her ‘people not politics’ approach will be able to make things ‘even better’ for all London residents.

Siobhan has a big focus on youth. Being a Mum of two young children she has a personal desire to make London an even safer place for children to grow up and ensure that London is a place full of great schools and endless opportunities for all. She firmly believes that investing in the Youth of London can help to reduce some of the ‘anti- social’ behaviour that is present in some communities. She revealed her plans for a young mayor who Siobhan plans pay out of her own salary to ensure that decisions for young people are initiated by young people.

Other issues that our passionate independent candidate include are:

The Olympics: Siobhan believes that the Olympics is a fantastic way to show the world our fabulous City. Of a legacy for London she believes that London will feel the benefit of the games for years to come. She is committed to ensuring that sport and the cultural aspect if the games resonates through the youth of the city.

Girls: Siobhan believes in raising the self esteem of young girls and hopes to be able to support projects that do so.

All in all Siobhan Benita is a breath of fresh air! She is all about ‘people not politics’ and is eager to get things done. There is an alternative to Boris and Ken and Siobhan is a great choice for those who want the Mayor of London to be a real Londoner, with years of government experience who cares about the great City of London. However Siobhan is not naive to the fact that other candidates have a huge political party backing their campaign so will rely hugely on the public  and social media networks to help with her campaign and spread her message.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about Siobhan Benita, you can find her:
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